Taking a “Lateralised” Approach to Design

Taking a “Lateralised” Approach to Design

Isn’t it wonderful when you go to eat at a really good restaurant, and every detail of your meal is perfect? It looks exquisite and tastes divine. Each course complements the next, the drinks are well-suited, the crockery and linen a perfect match. Wouldn’t it be surprising to be served such a meal, only to be handed a plastic knife and fork to eat it?

In so much of our daily lives, we pay incredibly close attention to finer details. But most of us have a blind spot. There are some, everyday fixtures, which don’t appear on our radar. We’re so used to seeing them, the fact that they’re ugly, doesn’t even cross our minds, even when they’re juxtaposed with beautiful art and architecture.

When was the last time you saw an attractive drain cover, or even noticed an extractor fan air vent at all? To the Classical architects, functionality was no barrier to beauty. Neither did the Gothic artisans scrimp on decoration – transforming their guttering outlets into fabulously ornate gargoyles.

At Lateral Design Studio, we lateralise the mundane, approaching dull, everyday fixtures and fittings with an eye to giving them aesthetic appeal. We are inciting a renaissance, bringing art back to the finer details of construction and architecture.

Why shouldn’t we have works of art in the middle of our showers, or alongside our bi-fold patio doors or in urban schemes? Where products to date have followed the prescribed production route to market, being led by function and cost, with design only being an afterthought, we are different. We start at the design end of the spectrum, ensuring products truly excel in design and quality, but also fulfil their functional requirements.

Our range is ever expanding, as we coax art back out of the galleries and into our urban streetscapes, our gardens and our homes.

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