Aqualevel - Flush Level Threshold Drainage


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Fully integrated flush level threshold access drain system for use in commercial, educational & residential projects.

Aqualevel is a fully integrated flush level access channel drain that works with a range of glazed door systems including sliding, bi fold, and lift & slide. It is the first drain system for glazed doors which is integrated with the door itself, and offers a high performance drain with the same architectural quality covers. For the first time you can have a seamless flush level access connection between indoor and outdoor living areas. Our system meets both architectural and aesthetical requirements without compromising on functionality.


The Aqualevel system collects and redirects both surface and driven rain water away from your door system in a controlled fashion. It also allows for greater volumes of water to be collected and safely dispersed into your main drain system.

Our flush drainage system is fully adjustable, offering a seamless integration between our drain solution and your door threshold. It is compatible with most door systems currently available on the market, including aluminium, wood, metal, PVC and engineered core type doors. It also allows full compliance with building regulation Part M without compromising the water tightness of your building envelope.

A high quality modular drain system Components that allow you to safely collect and disperse rain water into the drainage system Compatible with all door types, thresholds & associated DPC and DPM details Can be retrofitted or clamped Beautiful covers in a variety of designs, materials and finishes
Assists in complying with Part M Building Control, with wheelchair access LED light bar enhancement Full technical support and design service available Supplied with a range of accessories Manufactured in the UK

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