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Our Aquaduct brand creates unique and beautifully designed covers and components, using the latest cutting edge technology. Our attention to detail allows you to harmoniously fuse together separate components within your home, from shower drain covers to bathroom or kitchen sinks, using a uniform design or finish.


Aquaduct specialises in offering designer shower drain covers to give that unique and individual feel to your shower or wet room. With our designs covering a whole host of styles, there's sure to be something which takes your fancy to add that special touch to your shower or wet room.

Unique & Beautiful
Square & Round Covers

Our stunning range of square drain covers will add a special designed detail to your shower or wet room. We have meticulously produced a collection of designs which will befit both modern and traditional developments. Our covers fit all major drain and wet room systems and we can retro fit to an existing system too. Whilst our elegant range of round wet room covers can be made to fit all major drain systems and produce a high-end look that will blend in effortlessly with their environment.

The covers are available in an equally impressive array of materials; from aluminium and stainless steel, to brass or even gold plated. Choose from a standard brushed or mirror polished finish to please those with the keenest eye for detail.

Stylish & Sophisticated
Linear Covers

Our linear covers exude style and bring an air of sophistication to your shower or wet room environment. They replace bland sheet steel covers with a designed alternative and offer optimum flow rates too.

Manufactured in the UK, they can be made to fit all major linear drain systems, in a choice of quality materials. We will even be able to retro fit our linear covers to any existing system you may already have installed. Our covers come supplied with either a brushed or mirror polished finish and the pieces themselves are certain to help lift your project to another aesthetic level, producing a seamless look as achieved by the finest interior designers.

Aesthetic & Decorative
Bathroom Sinks

Our Aquaduct brand has been reinforced with a new range of decorative bathroom sinks. These cleverly combine aesthetic beauty with a high quality functional product and are suitable for all kinds of developments including residentialand commerical projects such as hotels and spas.


Our innovative, designed sinks and strainers can bring style to any kitchen. Bringing beauty to the mundane. By combining quality components and highly unique decorative covers they will certainly add that extra touch of class to any kitchen or utility room.

Eye-Catching & Imaginative
Kitchen Sinks

Our imaginatively designed kitchen sinks can transform your kitchen by introducing an eye-catching focal point within the room. Our extensive range means there are designs which are equally suited to both modern and traditional developments which offer interior designers and architects a new and exciting options.

Available in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, copper, nickel and bronze, some are embellished with mother of pearl or even Swarovski crystals to provide a visually stunning impact. Accessories available include stunning decorative wastes which further enhance the original design intent.

Artistic & Distinguished
Sink Strainers & Wastes

We have made the humble sink strainer a special feature in your kitchen, by transforming it into your very own piece of art. We’ve carefully selected several designs which will complement both modern and classical settings, adding a professional designed element to your kitchen sink or waste disposal unit.

The strainers can be produced from a variety of metals and a choice of fine finishes. They come complete with a waste stop which fits the majority of U.K. sink units.


Choosing the correct materials and finishes can make the difference between a great product, and one that stands out from all the rest. That’s why Lateral Design Studio strives to offer an ever increasing choice of quality materials and stunning finishes to ensure your expectations are consistently exceeded.

Choose from an array of materials from lightweight aluminium, through to precious metals including bronze. Compliment those materials using a choice of luxury finishes we can offer, and your product will spring to life as never before.

Materials we work with include; aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, mild steel & varying grades of stainless steel.

To find out more about the types of finishes we can offer please get in touch.