Introducing our Decorative Slot Drain System

Introducing our Decorative Slot Drain System

Through experience and innovation Lateral Design Studio continue to transform functional construction products into works of art by combining innovative concepts, unique designs and the very best materials they can source.

Not only have we created a number of award-winning unique drainage solutions but have also built an impressive range of other landscape products and services which continue to challenge the long established approach to products and function that many manufacturers already adhere to. By finally letting innovative design and quality take priority.

Slot Drains

By combining a truly fresh perspective, and ground-breaking creativity, we have continued to transform functional products into pieces of art. That can certainly be said of our latest product range, which includes our exciting new decorative slot drain system. The only decorative slot drain solution for both residential and commercial landscaping projects and schemes.

This exciting new decorative slot drain comes in both central and offset profiles and includes a selection of stunning decorative slide and lock covers to choose from, all of which are available in finishes that will suit any type of project or application. The system is completely compatible with our current range of channels and can even be further enhanced and illuminated by including our striking light bars.

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