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The ultimate collection of sleek and adaptable flush threshold & patio drains. Uniflow drains, are simple channel drains that collect water from only one source, that being the adjacent paved surfaces and not the water from door thresholds.

Our flush threshold and patio uniflow drainage offers a winning combination of practical functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its efficient water management, safety benefits, easy maintenance, and design versatility make it an ideal choice for various architectural and domestic landscape projects. By seamlessly integrating into the overall design concept, threshold drainage systems enhance the visual appeal of spaces, creating harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Efficient Water Management
Our flush threshold drainage effectively manages water flow, diverting it away from critical areas such as doorways, entrances, and other vulnerable points. By preventing water ingress, it helps maintain the integrity of structures and protects against potential damage caused by water accumulation. A range of connectivity accessories are available to connect spigot outlets to Ø110mm drain systems.

Safety and Accessibility
The flush threshold drainage system eliminates the presence of hazardous water pooling, ensuring safe passage for pedestrians and reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. It offers a level surface adjacent to door thresholds, making it wheelchair-friendly and compliant with accessibility standards.

Easy Maintenance
The design of our flush threshold drainage system facilitates easy maintenance. Debris and contaminants can be easily removed from the surface, preventing clogging and ensuring the system's efficient functioning. This saves time and reduces the need for frequent maintenance interventions.

Sleek and Minimalistic Design
With its ability to seamlessly blend into surrounding hardscape and landscape elements, our threshold drainage contributes to the overall coherence of your application. It can be integrated into gardens, pathways, and outdoor living spaces without detracting from the natural beauty of the environment.

Our threshold drain grates can be customised to suit various architectural styles and design preferences. With a wide range of materials, finishes, colours, and grate options available, our threshold systems seamlessly integrate into different environments, from traditional to contemporary.

Visual Continuity
By effectively hiding drainage elements, by the use of our grate styles, materials and colour options, our threshold drain offering ensures visual continuity and uninterrupted aesthetics. It allows designers to create uncluttered and visually pleasing spaces without compromising the drainage functionality.


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