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Driven by a combination of beauty and superior load-bearing performance, Jonite's reinforced decorative stone gratings have enabled clients worldwide to execute their visionary design projects.

Jonite specialises in designing and manufacturing reinforced decorative stone gratings, which have been used globally in various architectural and design projects. Their products include a range of grates and covers for different applications like trenches, pools and bathrooms, as well as other items like street benches and ventilation grilles. These products are customisable, combining aesthetics and functionality, and are made using sustainable methods and materials. Jonite's mission is to offer innovative solutions for both commercial and residential spaces, enhancing them with their unique stone-based products.

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Made from nature.
Jonite go the distance to ensure their grates are made of at least 95% natural aggregates and only 5% hybrid polymers โ€“ for stone aesthetics that delight architects, and the planet.

Made to measure.
Their collaborative process offers customisation that blends into any specification and environment. This means they can deliver what clients need, when they need it. Less waste, more smiles.

From waste to potential.
All Jonite products are proudly made of at least 30% recycled materials. And theyโ€™re not stopping here. R&D is a big part of their daily process to make their brand even more sustainable.

Footprints made friendlier.
By making a conscious choice to innovate against cast iron, steel in their products are reduced by up to 80% โ€“ effectively lowering their carbon footprint by over 16x.

Sustainable for life.
Jonite products are designed to last a lifetime. Theyโ€™re the only ones in the world with a stone composite that takes loads the way steel or cast irons do. Heavy-duty, low-water absorption, corrosion and rust-resistant.

Channel, Trench & Gully Grates
Modern cities rely on well-designed drainage systems to manage excess water and prevent flooding, especially during frequent storms. These systems also consider environmental impacts, preventing waste from entering natural water bodies. Jonite's reinforced stone channel and trench grates have transformed the architectural role of gratings and drain covers, making them integral design elements that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

โœ“ Slip, Rust & corrosion resistant
โœ“ BS EN 124:2015 & 1433:2008 compliant
โœ“ Dielectric properties with excellent electric insulator
โœ“ Less heat absorbent than traditional ferrous grates
โœ“ LEEDยฎ green building certified

Trench Grates

Manhole, Sump Covers
Jonite draws inspiration from the historical evolution of sump or maintenance hole covers, originally used in the Roman Empire, to enhance modern drainage systems with their innovative designs. These point drain covers and sump grates, known for their beauty and craftsmanship, seamlessly integrate into various urban settings, such as streets and residential areas, serving both safety and aesthetic purposes.

โœ“ Low heat absorption
โœ“ Rust and corrosion resistant
โœ“ BS EN 124:2015 & 1433:2002 compliant
โœ“ Dielectric properties with excellent electric insulator
โœ“ Flexible sizes

Sump Covers

Pool & Spa Grates
Jonite offer customisable swimming pool grates that enhance pool designs and are compliant with international load standards. Their grates, made with hybrid polymers and natural aggregates, are durable, have low water and heat absorption, and are rust-resistant. Features that make them suitable for pools in direct sunlight. They also integrate well with pool coping, directing water and maintaining structural integrity.

โœ“ Toddler-safe
โœ“ Colour durability due to low water absorption
โœ“ Slip-resistant
โœ“ Heat resistant
โœ“ Environmentally friendly

Pool Grates

Breeze Blocks / Screens
Jonite's Breeze and Ventilation Blocks are a creative solution for enhancing both residential and commercial spaces. They offer an elegant and sophisticated architectural element. They provide natural stone aesthetics, and feature low heat and water absorption. Additionally, they possess anti-algae self-cleaning properties. The colors and designs of the blocks are customisable, allowing for a tailored approach to suit different needs.

โœ“ Natural stone aesthetics
โœ“ Low heat and water absorption
โœ“ Anti-algae self-cleaning properties
โœ“ Customisable colors and designs

Breeze Blocks

Ventilation Grilles
Jonite's Ventilation Grilles, a recent addition to their product line, extend their range of reinforced stone hardscape items. These grilles blend aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, offering great strength for load-bearing. Their design is highly customisable, allowing for a wide range of colors and styles. This makes them an excellent choice for modern design needs where both beauty and durability are essential.

โœ“ Highly customisable
โœ“ Beautiful modern aesthetics
โœ“ Excellent load-bearing strength
โœ“ Unlimited colors and designs
Ventilation Grilles

Street Benches
Jonite offers designs that are both sleek and modern while being robust enough to endure various weather conditions. Their innovative elastic panels are ideal for creating durable site furnishings like street benches. They're not only sturdy and ergonomic but also boast extreme load-bearing strength. Moreover, they feature customisable options and designs, along with low heat absorption, making them greatly versatile.

โœ“ Sturdy & ergonomic
โœ“ Extreme load-bearing strength
โœ“ Customisable logos and designs
โœ“ Low heat absorption
Street Benches

Tree Grates
Jonite merges natural elements with urban environments through their reinforced stone tree grates, which are both functional and aesthetic. These grates are an integral part of modern drainage systems in our concrete cities, also supporting tree growth. They offer customisable options like light ports and logos. Their design is adaptable for any tree, featuring expandable inner diameters to accommodate future growth.

โœ“ Fully customizable light ports and logos
โœ“ Suitable for any tree
โœ“ Expandable inner diameter to allow for future tree growth
Tree Grates