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How To Clean Your Channels & Drainage Covers

How To Clean Your Channels & Drainage Covers
We are deeply committed to delivering top-tier drainage products that are built to withstand the test of time. Ensuring that your drainage products maintain their pristine condition and perform flawlessly for years to come requires a meticulous approach to care and maintenance. This guide goes beyond the basics to provide you with insights into maintaining our channel grates and covers, including our Channels, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron variations.

1. Channel Maintenance
Our drainage channels are designed for minimal maintenance, but an attention to detail can significantly extend their lifespan and functionality:

Debris Management: Regularly inspect the channel for debris, including leaves, twigs, or pebbles, and use a broom, shovel, or dustpan to remove them. For stubborn debris, employ a drainage hook or a robust clothes hanger to ensure unobstructed water flow.

Thorough Flushing: Employ either a garden hose or a pressure washer to systematically flush out residual debris or silt from the channel. This step is instrumental in preventing blockages and ensuring efficient drainage.

2. Stainless Steel Covers
Stainless Steel covers are renowned for their durability and corrosion resistance. A comprehensive maintenance regimen ensures their long-lasting allure:

Lifting the Cover: Gently lift the drain cover from the drain unit, taking care not to damage any surrounding elements.

Cleaning Routine: Clean the drain cover meticulously, utilising only a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush soaked in mild, non-abrasive soap and lukewarm water. Steer clear of abrasive materials such as steel wool, which can mar the surface.

Polishing: Delicately polish the drain cover, following the brushed grain's direction. This practice preserves its exquisite finish and aesthetic appeal.

Combatting Lime Deposits: Should lime deposits surface, rely on common household descaling agents. Allow the product to work its magic for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing with clean water. Avoid commercial cleaning products containing corrosive chemicals or bleach.

Corrosion Management: Stainless steel's remarkable resistance to corrosion hinges on its protective chromium oxide layer. It is imperative to steer clear of potent acids or chemicals like iodine, chlorine, fluorine, or bromine, which can compromise this protective layer and induce corrosion. Consistent cleaning is the key to warding off rust.

Handling Etched Products: For items featuring laser etching, ensure that you clean in alignment with the grain to maintain their pristine appearance.

3: Cast Iron Covers
Cast Iron covers, while undergoing a natural oxidation process or rusting, can be preserved with a specific care regimen:

Understanding Oxidation: Cast Iron covers may exhibit some oxidation upon arrival. This initial stage initiates the creation of a protective Passivation Layer, which significantly slows further oxidation.

The Patina Formation: The Passivation Layer, often referred to as a Patina, imparts a distinctive chocolate brown hue to cast iron covers over time.

The Patina Evolution: The oxidation process evolves from a bright orange tint to a rich chocolate brown. Depending on environmental factors, this transformation may take approximately a year, culminating in covers that resemble traditional cast iron manhole covers.

Traffic-Induced Changes: Cast Iron covers in high-traffic areas may acquire a burnished appearance over time; however, unlike steel, they do not flake away, ensuring prolonged durability.

Protective Treatment: If your covers have been pre-rusted and treated by Lateral Design Studio, rest assured that the rusting process has been effectively halted, guaranteeing their timeless condition.

Maintaining your drainage covers and channels is an art form that requires precision and dedication. By meticulously adhering to these maintenance guidelines, you can relish your products for an extended period while preserving their aesthetics and functionality. Remember, overlooking maintenance can jeopardise the product's long-term integrity. For further inquiries or tailored support, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team.

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