Load Classification


Load classification is a system that categorises drainage channels and grates based on their capacity to endure varying levels of weight or load. This classification is crucial to ensure that your selected drainage system can effectively bear the expected loads in a given environment or application, taking into account proper installation guidelines. Engineers, builders, and designers rely on load classes to choose the right components for drainage channels, tailoring them to meet the specific requirements of a project.

It is important to consider each load rating/classification is dependent on a combination of the selected cover, the selected channels' material strength, concrete detailing, benching, and the method of installation.

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Light-duty domestic vehicles only, suitable for pedestrian areas, gardens, cycleways, and driveways. Max load rating of 1.5 Tonnes.
Medium-duty load class suitable for areas with light vehicular traffic, such as residential streets, private car parks and small parking lots. Max Load rating of 2.5 Tonnes.
Medium to heavy-duty load class for areas with receive light to heavier vehicular traffic, like urban roads, car parks primarily for private use, and slow-moving commercial vehicles. Max load rating of 25 Tonnes.
Heavy-duty load class for main roads, public highways, industrial areas and areas with high traffic loads, such as airports and industrial facilities.
Areas with extremely heavy vehicular traffic, such as industrial sites, container terminals, service stations, and high-traffic roadways.
Extremely heavy-duty areas with the highest load-bearing requirements, including airports with heavy cargo aircraft, military bases, service yards, lorry parks, and specialised industrial locations.