lateralise (ˈlætərəˌlaɪz)
verb (transitive)

1). To design and create with the application of lateral thinking.
2). To take an aesthetic approach to the mundane, injecting art and éclat into everyday objects.

Taking a lateralised approach to our clients’ briefs, we apply lateral thinking to ensure design, material and finish are fit for purpose and complement the aesthetics of product surroundings.

Synonymous with innovative design, high quality materials and unique products, through passion and determination Lateral Design Studio is a global benchmark for technical and design excellence within the interior and landscape sectors.

We bring fresh perspective and creative thinking to our products and clients. Our spirit drives us to continually reinvent, design and manufacture new innovational products that not only function, but aesthetically lift the project to a new level.

At our creative studio we transform ugly functional components into pieces of art. We design products for architects, landscapers, designers and developers, who have been let down by poor quality components that have always detracted from their finished project.

Our strength is our lateral approach to projects, which has been developed over decades of experience within the construction industry, running Ormond Construction, a RIBA award winning company.


We never use the word “impossible”.

With us, everything is possible!

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