When selecting any of our channels or channel grates it's important to consider weight load classes. Each of our products has been tested and allocated a class based on the relating weight that it is safe to hold. For example a drainage cover that has been classified as C250 will mean that it can safely hold up to 25 tonnes in weight before it may potentially buckle or break.

These load classifications are applicable across the UK under the British and European Standard BS EN 124:2015, the standard for gully tops and manhole tops used in vehicular and pedestrian areas. As well as BS EN 1433:2002, for drainage channels used in vehicular and pedestrian areas.


Load ClassWeight (tonnes)Weight (lbs)DescriptionApplications
A15A151.5 tonnes3,372 lbsVery light duty for pedestrian areas like gardens, patios and driveways.Pedestrians, Bicycles, Golf Carts, Residential and Light Traffic
B125B12512.5 tonnes28,000 lbsDomestic driveway thresholds for family cars, vans and 4x4s.Automobiles, Light Pickup Trucks, General Aviation Aircraft, Low Speeds (parking areas, driveways), Pavements/Sidewalks, Private parking lots
C250C25025 tonnes56,200 lbsLightly trafficked roads and small private car parks.Pneumatic Tire Vehicles and Motorway/Highway Vehicles, Low to Moderate Speeds (parking areas, driveways).
D400D40040 tonnes89,920 lbsMain roads, highways and high traffic areas like public car parks.Highway Vehicles, Commercial Aircraft, Incidental Lightly Loaded Forklift Traffic, Low to Moderate Speeds (parking areas, driveways, warehouses).
E600E60060 tonnes134,000 lbsIndustrial estates, loading bays and cargo handling yards.Hard Wheel Forklifts, Construction Equipment, Off-road Vehicles, Transport and Fighter Category Commercial and Military Cargo Aircraft. Moderate Speeds (loading docks, terminal areas).
F900F90090 tonnes202,320 lbsDocks and airports, extreme heavy duty applications.Motorway/Highway Traffic Rated. High Speed Vehicles (roadway and runway applications).

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