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Transform function into art with our bespoke corporate service

Lateral Design Studio’s corporate range fuses innovation and inspiration while providing an opportunity for hotels and spas to create a cohesive brand throughout their premises. Functional components in the bathroom, wet room or spa can be transformed into art by our bespoke design team to compliment the style and luxury of your brand. Given today’s market, it is crucial that in the hospitality and leisure industry, you can differentiate your brand and imprint your corporate image into the minds of your customers.

Our in-house design team offer a full customisation service for companies looking to have their corporate branding applied to various products including –
– Shower Enclosures and Drains
– Brassware and Wastes
– Ventilation Grills
For more information give us a call on 020 8450 2244 and we will be happy to assist you.

*Images used with the kind permission of PCS.